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Bandelier N.M., Los Alamos, Valles Caldera, Jemez

Bandelier N.M., Los Alamos, Valles Caldera, Jemez

Today you’ll explore the Jemez Mountains, home to many cultural, historical, and natural wonders.  You’ll visit the ruins in Bandelier National Monument, Los Alamos -the home of the Nuclear Age, Valles Caldera, and the Jemez and Zia Pueblos.  All in the refined comfort of our luxury touring vehicles.

This day begins with our expert guide meeting you at your hotel and driving you into the Jemez Mountains and to Bandelier National Monument, home to some of the oldest human sites anywhere in America.  Spend the morning wandering through the dwellings and ceremonial chambers of the ancestors of todays pueblo peoples, learning about their lives here in Frijoles Canyon.

Bandelier National Monument

Next, it’s off to Los Alamos for lunch in a local restaurant.  Along the way you’ll pass through the Los Alamos National Laboratory, home of the Nuclear Age.  And because this lab specializes in national security, we won’t be stopping or taking any photographs while passing through the lab’s grounds.

Jemez Mission Church Ruin

After lunch you’ll continue up into the Jemez Mountains and into the Valles Caldera Preserve, a super volcano that collapsed in on itself after its eruption a million years ago.  The preserve is home to elk and deer, as well as some of the best fly fishing in the region.  You’ll follow the Jemez River from the caldera down through Jemez Valley, stopping at the Jemez Historical Site where you’ll stroll through the ruins of a 17th century Spanish Mission and a 13th century pueblo with a restored kiva you can climb into.  After this you’ll head back to Santa Fe passing through Jemez and Zia Pueblos along the way.

Tour duration:  10-11 hours

Cost:  $160.00 + tax

Your tour includes:  Hotel Pick Ups, Restaurant Lunch, Luxury Touring Vehicles, Expert Guides, Entrance Fees, and Permits.

To Make Reservations Call  1-888-244-5256

48 hour cancellation policy strictly enforced

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