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Bruce settled into life in Flagstaff, Arizona. At one of his residences in town, he lived next door to a man named Joe Anderson, a business professor at Northern Arizona University. After hearing Bruce’s plans for his future, Joe encouraged Bruce to take his entrepreneur class. This class turned out to be very educational and helpful for Bruce. There, he learned how to write a business plan and it was an excellent lesson in organization.

business plan post-its

Later, while in graduate school, Bruce took a summer job at Great Ventures driving day tours to the Grand Canyon. He also worked for another local guy in Flagstaff while he got a sense of the travel business in northern Arizona. As he worked, Bruce began to create a brochure, piece by piece. Once it was finished, he handed it out to potential clients he met on those day tours.

Then, one day, Bruce got a phone call from a guy he’d met on a day tour. The guy wanted to bring his family back to the southwest to camp in Monument Valley. At the time, Bruce didn’t have any equipment (having sold his years before), but he was able to buy it with a 50% down payment in time for the guy and his family’s arrival.

Bruce took the group camping and they had a wonderful time in Monument Valley. Out of that experience, Touch the Southwest was officially born. After years of wanderlust, Bruce found a way to professionally indulge his love of travel and the outdoors. Additionally, this allowed Bruce to share the beauty of the southwest region with others. Each new trip provided opportunities for photography, one of his core passions, and he could meet new and interesting people, much like he’d encountered over his years of wandering across the United States. Finally, Bruce had found his niche.

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