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Green chile burgers are huge in Santa Fe and, somehow, they’re even better in the summer! “It’s very popular and a really big deal,” says John Eckre, owner of the Santa Fe BITE restaurant in New Mexico and creator of their famous green chile cheeseburger. “People think it’s weird, but when we go somewhere else and they don’t have green chile, we think [that] is weird.”
green chile cheeseburger

We don’t know about you, but our mouths are watering!

Eckre created their world-famous green chile cheeseburger and has some tips you can utilize in your own kitchen until you get over here to eat the real deal!

John Eckre’s Tips for a Killer Cheeseburger:

  1. Bun: Custom-recipe brioche bun
  2. Patty: Quality ground beef blend of 90 percent chuck and 10 percent sirloin
  3. Green Chile: Green peppers from Hatch, New Mexico
  4. Cheese: 1 slice, blend of Swiss and American
  5. Extras: Lettuce and tomato; House-made potato chips, and a well-seasoned cast-iron pan

“When you try to enhance it beyond that point, I think you take away from it. I’m a burger minimalist.”

—John Eckre

Want to check out some drool-worthy photos of Eckre creating the perfect green chile burger? Click here (but be prepared to leave hungry)!

A Green Chile Obsession

It’s no secret that New Mexicans love their green chile. “In the late summer, when the chile harvest begins, green chile is in the air—literally. Chile-roasting operations pop up at roadside stands and in supermarket parking lots. The aroma of roasting chiles is carried on every breeze, smoky and sweet. It is an annual ritual for families that arrive to buy their supply—usually the minimum purchase is a 20-pound bag. Most people buy much more so they’ll be sure to have enough to get through the winter,” (via Saveur). The native heirloom varieties are hot and spicy, so much so that many restaurants feature a warning for tourists. You might think you like spicy food, but green chile will get you if you’re not prepared!

hatch green chile

Like Jaws, but way more delicious.

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