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Happy Friday! This week’s Photo Friday features one of New Mexico’s finest species of wildlife, the pronghorn antelope:

pronghorn New Mexico

These animals are known for running alongside trains. Our own Bruce Sawyer photographed this fellow walking alongside the Santa Fe railroad (foreground) in eastern New Mexico. The pronghorn was probably waiting for the next train to come along.

Pronghorn antelopes are the fastest land animals in the Western Hemisphere and the second fastest on Earth, next to the cheetah.


We can’t imagine moving that fast without at least several cups of coffee.

Interestingly, the pronghorn’s closest living relatives are giraffes and okapi, not deer like you might expect (although they’re obviously distantly related to them, too). The Lewis and Clark expedition first scientifically noted these animals in what is now South Dakota, but various subspecies can be found all over the country. Naturally, our favorites are in New Mexico because we’re not biased at all.


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