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Happy Friday! This week’s photo features the lovely Pueblo Bonito in Chaco Canyon.

Pueblo Bonito in Chaco Canyon

Literally translated to “beautiful town”, Pueblo Bonito is the largest and best known great house in northern New Mexico. According to the National Park Service, “Pueblo Bonito is the most thoroughly investigated and celebrated cultural site in Chaco Canyon. Planned and constructed in stages between AD 850 to AD 1150 by ancestral Puebloan peoples, this was the center of the Chacoan world.”

Pueblo Bonita is America's Stonehenge.

Anthropologist Brian Fagan once said, “Pueblo Bonito is an archeological icon, as famous as England’s Stonehenge, Mexico’s Teotihuacan, or Peru’s Machu Picchu.”

Petroglyphs adorn the wall behind Pueblo Bonita, featuring stylized six-toed feet. These images date back to the late 10th or early 11th centuries, and the extra stylized toes are typical of art in that time period. In regards to the building itself, the main structure required an estimated 805,000 hours of construction. Keep in mind, this was way before useful modern inventions like trucks or cranes.

Pueblo Bonito required 805,000 hours of labor to build.

Just thinking about that wears us out.

Truly, this structure is feat of human ingenuity and design. Be sure to highlight Pueblo Bonito during your next trip to the Land of Enchantment!


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