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At an elevation of 7,700 feet, Gunnison, Colorado was, to Bruce, an icebox in a hole. The town is completely surrounded by mountains and the cold air collects inside. Of course, after hitchhiking in the middle of a blizzard, Bruce knew he could easily withstand the cold. While taking courses at the university, Bruce decided to study something that could help him get a “good job” upon graduation. He had always liked architecture, so Bruce decided to move to Tucson over the winter break in 1990-91 to pursue the architecture program at the University of Arizona.

University of Arizona Bear Down

With his love of learning, Bruce didn’t restrict himself to architectural classes. He studied a wide variety of topics, including geology, southwest archaeology, and American Sign Language. During this time, Bruce moved into a triplex. Bruce was friendly with one of his neighbors and, as it turned out, the neighbor was finishing the architecture program at U of A. Naturally, he and Bruce chatted about the program. Bruce learned what life would be like as an architecture, which sounded too much like the corporate America world he’d already left, so Bruce decided to shift the focus of his studies. In the meantime, Bruce continued to take classes that interested him while he planned his next move.

Soon after, Bruce befriended another man named Terry. Like Bruce, Terry and his wife had a husky, and the two men were both from Long Island. Terry encouraged Bruce to follow his academic interests, which resulted in Bruce applying to several private schools. The University of Puget Sound offered Bruce a full scholarship and a job. So, once again, Bruce packed up his Jeep and he and his dog took off to their latest destination: Washington.

Mount St. Helens, Washington

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