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Why do some tour operators have a hard time keeping their vehicles clean?

Last week we were in Santa Fe visiting with the concierge and front desk people in some of the hotels. More than several of them mentioned how some tour companies in the area do not keep their tour vehicles clean, and how this made the concierge uncomfortable recommending the tour company’s services to hotel guests.

I’ve been in this industry a long time, over twenty years, and unfortunately, this was not a big surprise. There are lots of tour companies that do not keep their vehicles clean. How the owners of those companies allow their guests to climb into vehicles that haven’t seen a vacuum or a sponge in a while is beyond me. But that’s what a lot of the touring public gets: dirty vehicles.

But not from us!

Clean Vehicles are Happy Vehicles

Here at Touch the Southwest, we feel that when we’re picking up our guests for a tour, we’re inviting them into our world, into our homes if you please. And being good hosts, we want our guests to feel comfortable and welcomed. What better way to do that than invite them into a meticulously cleaned and detailed touring vehicle?

We are proud that we have some of the nicest and most luxurious touring vehicles in the region. And we like to keep them looking brand new. This means cleaning and detailing the vehicle before every tour. Our guests feel like they’re climbing into a new vehicle. Our guides feel that way, too. Frankly, I’d be embarrassed to send out a dirty vehicle. So we don’t.

At Touch the Southwest, you can count on our luxury touring vehicles being spotless and well maintained, and your guide friendly and informed, ready to take you out for an enchanted day in New Mexico.

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Here are a few photos of our touring vehicles: Our 9-Passenger Custom Van and our 14-passenger Custom Mini Bus, both with luxury executive interiors, reclining leather bucket seats, large picture windows with shades.

clean touring vehicle

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