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The natural beauty and majesty of nature overwhelm many people when they visit national parks. Others, however, have a . . . less enthusiastic response. One visitor to Yosemite National Park left a review that fell into the latter category:

“Utterly horrible place. No McDonalds on every corner, no casinos or pawn shops anywhere in sight. Trees block views and too many grey rocks. No concierge or valet parking. Just forget about this place…”

We sincerely hope that this comment is sarcastic, but we have a sneaking suspicion it’s serious.

awkward yosemite


One of the best parts about visiting a national park is the break from daily life. So much of our bustling environments are neon and glowing and over stimulating. It’s so important to take time to unplug and bask in the serenity and beauty of nature.

The Tranquil High Sierras of Yosemite

Yosemite National Park certainly has plenty of natural splendor to share with visitors. First protected in 1864, Yosemite “is best known for its waterfalls, but within its nearly 1,200 square miles, you can find deep valleys, grand meadows, ancient giant sequoias, a vast wilderness area, and much more,” (via NPS).

Yosemite National Park

Not a fast food joint in sight, just the way we like it.

Unfortunately, the Ferguson Fire has currently closed a large portion of Yosemite National Park. As of Tuesday evening, the fire has burned more than 59 square miles and was 26% contained. We hope the firefighters are able to get the fire currently under control to protect nearby residents as well as the national park.


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